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Serious beer. Not so serious people.

Our Story


The Establishment Beginnings…

It started with a sign, or more accurately a bunch of friends. Part house, part brew lab, The Establishment was the place where we gathered, slept, brewed, grew a garden, lived the good life. At some point or another, at least six of our friends called this place home. It was Brandon who found The Establishment sign on a snowboarding road trip and propped it up in the window. Everyone agreed it suited the place and the name stuck.

The epic Calgary flood of 2013 did it’s worst on this Erlton home. Mike was living in the basement at the time and lost everything he owned. For days we pulled debris and mud out of that basement, but the strength of friendships and good will in the community brought The Establishment back to it’s feet. The unforeseen benefit of all this destruction, was that a completely gutted basement was the perfect space to set up a new home-brew system complete with yeast lab. The brewing and experimentation rose to new levels, and soon the medals from various home-brew comps were rolling in.

The original Establishment has long since been demolished, but it’s memory lives on in our taproom where friends (old and new) are always welcome and great beer is always on tap.


Our Team


Mike FoNiok

Meet Mike. Founder, brewer, establisher. Not only can he balance a beer on his head, the guy’s got some mad skills! Mike made his first homebrew batch about 10 years ago after he joined the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers homebrew club. Soon after he took his beer judge certification exam, he began submitting his beers in Canadian homebrew competitions. His passion for brewing took over, and it’s been a slow decline into brewing obsession ever since.

About a decade later, Mike has well over 100 Canadian beer awards under his belt and became a top homebrewer in Canada in 2016. He now sits on the executive committee for Calgary’s Yeast Wranglers homebrew club.

In 2017 Mike achieved National certified BJCP Beer Judge status, currently the only active National judge in Calgary! With this ranking he now hosts a beer judge certification exam prep course for those who aspire to learn more about beer and to become BJCP beer judges. He hopes to give back to the community by continuing to share the love of beer by hosting beer education courses at The Establishment.

It’s safe to say that Mike’s got a huge passion for beer, and the brewing community. With his “don’t discriminate against beer styles” attitude, expect to see a wide variety of interesting beers being created; barrel aged wild beers, European lagers, Belgian beers, and hoppy American IPAs. Why not brew them all? We can't wait to share his delicious beery creations with you.


Dave Ronneberg

After being introduced to home brewing by a friend 10 years ago, and joining the Yeast Wranglers homebrew club, Dave has been dabbling in producing great beer at home ever since. A natural fit for someone who enjoys hands on work, a technical challenge, cooking (and naturally, eating), his interest in brewing kept growing until his wife suggested he start a pub in their backyard shed... oops!

With a little brainstorming and planning, ShedPub was born and with an audience to enjoy his award winning beer, Dave started brewing more than ever. ShedPub hosted music concerts, Oktoberfest parties, and just plain old backyard gatherings with friends, where the most common question was "When are you opening a brewery?"

After meeting Mike and Brandon through the Yeast Wranglers, the idea of opening a commercial brewery quickly became reality. Dave has spent the last couple years starting a small family, achieving BJCP Certified status, and mostly planning and building The Establishment. He can't wait for you to come see the place, enjoy the great beer, and have a few laughs.


Brandon Hart

Brandon got into homebrewing the same way many people do… you’re sitting around un-employed in a dark basement trying to figure out how to turn pretty much anything into booze (Mike was easily convinced this was a good idea).  The first bad beer led to a second better beer and the next thing you know it's 10 years later and you realize your garage and basement are half full of brewing gear, your yard has a handful of hop plants and there are at least as many beers on tap in your kitchen. 

Along the way he found the Yeast Wranglers, became a BJCP judge, and won a few medals.  But mostly he remained in the basement aging and playing with sour beer.  While he won’t be in the brewery full-time there is still a good chance you’ll find him there surrounded by barrels and empty sample glasses, excited to talk to someone about it.