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Serious beer. Not so serious people.

Our Story


The Establishment Beginnings…

It started with a sign, or more accurately a bunch of friends. Part house, part brew lab, The Establishment was the place where we gathered, slept, brewed, grew a garden, lived the good life. At some point or another, at least six of our friends called this place home. It was Brandon who found The Establishment sign on a snowboarding road trip and propped it up in the window. Everyone agreed it suited the place and the name stuck.

The epic Calgary flood of 2013 did it’s worst on this Erlton home. Mike was living in the basement at the time and lost everything he owned. For days we pulled debris and mud out of that basement, but the strength of friendships and good will in the community brought The Establishment back to it’s feet. The unforeseen benefit of all this destruction, was that a completely gutted basement was the perfect space to set up a new home-brew system complete with yeast lab. The brewing and experimentation rose to new levels, and soon the medals from various home-brew comps were rolling in.

The original Establishment has long since been demolished, but it’s memory lives on in our taproom where friends (old and new) are always welcome and great beer is always on tap.


Our Team


Mike FoNiok

Meet Mike. Founder, brewer, establisher. National BJCP beer judge. Competition Director for Calgary's Yeast Wranglers. And the guy's got skills! 100+ beer awards under his belt, and a top home-brewer in Canada in 2016. We can't wait to share his delicious brews with you.


Dave Ronneberg

Meet Dave. Founder, brewer, establisher. BJCP beer judge and active member of the Calgary Yeast Wranglers. He’s been sharing beer in his backyard @Shed_Pub where friends gather to enjoy his brewing creations. His beer tastes amazing and we can’t wait to share it with you.


Brandon Hart

Meet Brandon. He rounds out the trifecta of crazy skilled brewers on our team as a part-time Establishment Brewing founder. A BJCP certified beer judge, expect to find him tweaking recipes and chatting up everyone about all things beer when we open later this year.