Afternoon Delight - New England Pale Ale⁣

Afternoon Delight (Jan 2019)

Afternoon Delight (Jan 2019)

"Dave had a really sweet recipe, an ISA which was packed full of hops. I took his recipe, threw it in the trash, and brewed something completely different. We're still not talking.⁣

Expect a mix of tropical and citrus hops, a creamy body, and restrained bitterness. The use of british pale malts helps balance things out by bringing home some toastiness, and protein from the oats and wheat add body and haze." -Mike ⁣

Malt: Pale, Wheat, Oats, Munich, Crystal⁣
Hops: Mosaic, Chinook, Centennial, Bravo⁣
Yeast: Escarpment Foggy London⁣

Mike Birdgeneau