Fat Sherpa - Robust Porter - 2019 Alberta Beer Award WINNER

Fat Sherpa (Jan. 2019)

Fat Sherpa (Jan. 2019)

“I didn't let Mike get anywhere near this recipe. ⁣

This beer has a long history of being made in my backyard and then enjoyed while standing around a fire with friends in the middle of February! It's a great combination of malty/toasty and coffee/chocolate with just enough sweetness in the background to round it all out with a little American hops in the finish.” - Dave⁣

Malt: Pale, 2-Row, Munich, Black, Crystal⁣
Hops: Hallertau Mittlefruh, Cascade, Magnum⁣
Yeast: US-05⁣

Fat Sherpa won Gold in the 2019 Alberta Beer Awards in the Porter Category.