Rad Brown - American Brown Ale

Rad Brown (Jan. 2019)

Rad Brown (Jan. 2019)

This recipe was inspired by Anchor Brekles Brown. I like how the Citra plays with the caramel in weird, but rad ways to create a lychee like aroma! Rad Brown is a departure from what Brekles is, much more toasty from the use of british pale malts, and more chocolate, but the end result is a satisfying drink. Stoked to share it with you!⁣

Malt: Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Amber, Roast Barley⁣
Hops: Citra⁣
Yeast: US-05⁣

Available in our taproom and in growlers to go starting Saturday Jan26. ⁣

Mike Birdgeneau