Dry-Hopped Brett Saison, Barrel Aged American Wild Beer⁣ (Release #001)

Release 001: Dry Hopped Brett Saison

Release 001: Dry Hopped Brett Saison

Barrel program release: 001⁣
Total available bottles: ~275⁣
Time in oak: 7 months⁣

We're really stoked to release our first barrel aged wild beer on our opening day! Although the brewer has some control over what happens when a beer gets put in oak, a lot of it is up to the mixed cultures we add and those already present in the barrel that dictate the personality of the beer. It's kind of crazy to brew a beer, and wait a bunch of months and see how it develops, but that's part of the fun. #YOLO ⁣

We couldn't have done this without the help of our friends at @redbisonbeer who let us brew and store our barrels at their facility 8+ months ago. Special thanks to them!⁣

This beer isn’t sour because Brett doesn't create a lot of acidity, rather they provide a rustic like funkiness. Delicately dry hopped with Bravo to create fruit aroma and a hint of perceived Bitterness. No need to cellar this beer, its ready to drink in its current form.⁣

The beautiful art in this release was created by Kate Schutz @everydayatelier

“Real funky, intriguing, and has a fruity lemon undertone from dry-hopping.” -Brandon⁣

Malt: Pilsner, Oats, Wheat, Munich⁣
Hops: Fuggles, Bravo⁣
Primary Yeast: WLP566⁣
Secondary culture: Escarpment Brett Q⁣

Available by the bottle only in the taproom. Limit 1 per person.