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Catharina Sour with Pink Guava⁣⁣⁣

Mike makes a micro batch sour and then re-ferments it on pink guava! Catharina Sour is a style of beer gaining recent popularity in South America, you can think of it like a 5% kettle soured Berliner Weisse, but re-fermented with tropical fruit! Refreshing? AF.⁣

Sorry, no growler fills on Brewer's Tap creations. Get yourself down to the taproom for a taste. And while you're here pick up a sweet Barley Belt map!

EDIT: This beer sold out in just a few days, but there are plans in the works to brew a much larger batch. Stay tuned!

Brewer's Tap - Altbier

When you think of German beer most people think of lagers but Germany makes some pretty good ales also! Both from Western Germany, Kölsch (Cologne) and Altbier (Dusseldorf), have a few things in common: brewed with moderately hard water, made with top fermenting ale yeast, and are relatively dry-finishing beers, for maximum sessionability. ⁣

They are also both available now in our taproom! Come experience a Kölsch in the traditional stange (shtung-guh) glassware, and enjoy the über-small batch German Altbier from our Brewer's Tap program. ⁣

Best paired with DIY charcuterie and some Kraftwerk on the Hi-Fi!⁣

Introducing our Brewer's Tap Series

Introducing our Brewer's Tap! We're brewing some fun, ultra small batches on the homebrew rig that used to live in the basement of the original Establishment house in Erlton. Mike spent a decade brewing over 300 beers on his 40L homebrew rig, and you better believe that his set up didn't end up in the trash. We'll have a tap dedicated to the beery creations being developed on this system so keep an eye out for announcements when we have something new to try.

Kicking this series off, we have Brandon's Hefeweizen, his take on this classic German wheat beer. Best enjoyed young, we only have 40L - stop by our taproom to try some!