My Best Friend's Girl - Kolsch Style Ale
My Best Friend’s Girl - Kolsch Style Ale

My Best Friend’s Girl - Kolsch Style Ale

Kolsch is a pretty cool style. It's origins are found in Cologne Germany where Kolsch pubs & breweries are literally everywhere. Each one does their own take on the style, and there is a surprising amount of variability brewery to brewery with this simple, drinkable beer. Each brewery usually only brews the one beer, so when you walk in, you'll get served Kolsch before asking for a drink. Why else would you be at a brewery? Bam. Kolsch in your face. The bar staff keep the Kolsch rolling until you say stop, and mark on your coaster how much you owe at the end of your session. It's an amazing experience.⁣

Traditionally served in Stange glasses, slender, narrow, delicate glassware; the style is characterized by light pome fruit notes (pear, apple), gentle doughy malt, and a crisp, dry finish. If you ever find yourself in Cologne, we strongly recommend dedicating at least a day seeing how many different Kolsch bars you can hit by foot before sundown. Mike's personal record is 8... or was it 9?⁣

Malt: Pilsner, Wheat⁣
Hops: Hallertau Mittlefruh, Tettnang⁣
Yeast: WLP Kolsch

Now on tap and in cans in our taproom, and in select craft beer shops around town!

Motion Picture - Summer Ale
Motion Picture - Summer Ale

Motion Picture - Summer Ale

Summer Ale is a hop forward modern UK style of beer, designed to be a refreshing summer drink showcasing a balanced but hop focused profile. Dry hopped gently with new-world varieties, a modern beer style coming out of the UK? What's this world coming to?⁣

Motion Picture presents up front aroma of pineapple, fruit salad, with moderately low amounts of flower shop. A light biscuit malt backbone from Golden Promise malt supports the hop profile, and a dry finish strongly suggests quaff-ability.⁣

Available on tap and in cans in our taproom, and select craft beer shops around town!⁣

Malt: Golden Promise, 2-Row⁣
Hops: Azacca, Loral⁣
Yeast: WYeast West Yorkshire⁣

Introducing our Brewer's Tap Series

Introducing our Brewer's Tap! We're brewing some fun, ultra small batches on the homebrew rig that used to live in the basement of the original Establishment house in Erlton. Mike spent a decade brewing over 300 beers on his 40L homebrew rig, and you better believe that his set up didn't end up in the trash. We'll have a tap dedicated to the beery creations being developed on this system so keep an eye out for announcements when we have something new to try.

Kicking this series off, we have Brandon's Hefeweizen, his take on this classic German wheat beer. Best enjoyed young, we only have 40L - stop by our taproom to try some!

Sure Footing - British Best Bitter
Sure Footing (Apr. 2019)

Sure Footing (Apr. 2019)

A classic take on a British pub ale, most indubitably quaff-able, best enjoyed with all the lads. Tipping under the 5% mark this ale is super drinkable but also packs a solid malt flavour from Maris Otter and Crystal malts. Floral and earthy hop flavour and fruity esters balance the malt. Named after the dodgy floor at the original Establishment... ⁣👟👟🕳️💥

Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal, Amber⁣
Hops: Fuggles, Loral⁣
Yeast: WYeast West Yorkshire 1469

Thirst for Knowledge - California Common
Thirst for Knowledge (Apr. 2019)

Thirst for Knowledge (Apr. 2019)

Our take on a San Francisco classic style: California Common. Toasty malts, caramel, fruity esters, with a balancing woodsy hop flavour and aroma from Northern Brewer hops. 

This is definitely NOT a Steam Beer, because that’s a trademark term. Calling this a Steam Beer would be bad. So we’re not going to even mention steam in the name, or suggest that it has anything to do with steam.

Malts: 2-row,Vienna, Caramel 
Hops: Northern Brewer
Yeast: WLP Kölsch
Steam: Definitely not